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All Gasoline dispensing equipment are subject to the California Air Resources Board (ARB) Health and Safety Code; and District's Rule 418 and Rule 1002:

Testing of gasoline dispensing equipment, for compliance with current emission standards, and, equipment functioning standards, is a requirement of the District's Permit Conditions.  Use of the notification, and, test result forms, are mandatory. Businesses may create their own recordkeeping forms as long as they contain all the information required by the Air Resources Board (ARB) Executive Order, Rules and/or Permit conditions and are approved by the District.

    If you wish to create your own forms, please carefully review the notification and testing requirements applicable to your gasoline dispensing equipment (e.g., balance or vacuum assist system).  If you need further assistance with your forms, or have questions, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at (831) 647-9411.  Notifications and/or test results can be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Since 2001, the California ARB (CARB) has adopted a number of significant enhancements to gasoline dispensing facilities' (GDFs') vapor recovery systems.  These efforts are necessary to ensure the continued effective operation of the vapor recovery systems during the transfer and dispensing of gasoline at these facilities. As the air pollution control agency responsible for permitting and enforcement activities related to GDFs, the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District (MBUAPCD) has prepared a number of Compliance Advisories to provide guidance to GDFs attempting to comply with these new requirements.

Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR)

Vapor recovery systems collect gasoline vapors that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere during fuel delivery to the underground storage tanks (Phase I) or fuel storage and vehicle fueling (Phase II). The Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) regulations became state law on April 1, 2001. These regulations provide more stringent requirements for vapor recovery systems in order to reduce gasoline vapor emissions.

Vapor Recovery System Upgrades

Phase I EVR
Phase I refers to the transfer of gasoline into fuel storage tanks. As of April 1, 2005, all GDFs were required to be equipped with Phase I vapor recovery systems on their underground tanks to meet enhanced vapor recovery (EVR) standards.  As of this date, all existing non-EVR Phase I systems were decertified for use by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and any GDF operating without the upgraded EVR system is in non-compliance with State regulations and District Rule 1002 requirements.

Phase II EVR
Phase II vapor recovery systems control emissions associated with vehicle fueling and the storage of fuel at a GDF. Phase II EVR systems are certified to several new standards, including ORVR compatibility, more stringent spillage and "dripless nozzle" requirements, in-station diagnostics and storage tank pressure limits. GDFs with underground storage tanks must upgrade to Phase II EVR by April 1, 2009. In-station diagnostics (ISD) detects potential failures automatically, notifies the station operator, and is designed to reduce emissions by early detection and prompt repair. ISD must be installed in GDFs with an annual throughput of more than 1.8 million gallons by September 1, 2009. The deadline for GDFs with annual throughputs of 600,000- 1.8 million gallons, to install ISD is September 2010. ISD monitors the performance of the vapor recovery systems and triggers warnings for alarms to indicate potential failures. If corrective action is not taken, ISD may eventually shut down fuel dispensing.

District Contact Information for Assistance
To report problems with EVR installation and equipment, please call us (831) 647-9411.
Compliance Assistance - Gene Mason (831) 647-9411 ext. 216


Phase II EVR Systems and Components

CARB Enhanced Vapor Recovery Compliance Guidance

California Certified Unified Program Agency (CalCUPA) Guidelines

CARB Vapor Recovery Program

CARB Executive Orders - Phase II Vapor Recovery Certification

Veeder-Root ISD Software Program Upgrade Advisory

Evaluation of the Vapor Systems Technologies, Inc. (VST) Phase II EVR System

State Water Board requirements for gasoline dispensing facilities


International Code Council (ICC)

EVR Upgrades Financial Assistance

The State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Financial Assistance offers direct grants and loans for replacement or repair of underground storage tanks (RUST). The program helps owners and operators of small independent underground storage tanks comply with the new requirements.

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